• 13000 NFT Poultry Acts are on their way to you in the Chicken Derby

  • Anyone who has been paying attention to the NFT world over the last month will have noticed a certain brood of rambunctious poultry causing a commotion. The Chicken Derby is a phenomenon in which thoroughbred racing chickens compete in the digital realm.

    So, in a watershed moment for the rooster and hen family, the final drop of 13000 farmyard fowl will arrive this Friday. The drop will take place on August 20 at 2 p.m. EST. Furthermore, the final round of chicken-themed craziness is a flat 0.042 WETH across the board. Notably, the magical “W” preceding the “ETH” indicates that none of the dreaded gas fees will apply.

    This welcome mechanic does, however, imply that funds must be moved around a little in order to participate. To get your hands on some of that delectable chicken, you’ll need a Matic (Polygon) wallet loaded with WETH.

    Chicken Derby is a virtual NFT racing game in which weaponized chicken compete for Ethereum. Consider it a Zed Run for lunatics. With this in mind, chickens have racing stats as well as a special talent. On the racetrack, expect to see jet packs, machine guns, catapults, and much more.

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