• 71% Of Gen Z Brits Have Thought About Investing In An NFT

  • 71 percent of Gen-Z inhabitants in the United Kingdom are considering investing in NFTs, indicating a renewed interest in crypto assets. Furthermore, millennials have begun to embrace NFTs, with 68 percent showing interest in digital art, compared to 35 percent for Gen X. As the popularity of NFTs grows around the world, so does the adoption of assets in the form of NFTs.

    NFTs are seen as a viable investment option by the British.

    Over the previous year, the United Kingdom’s understanding of NFTs has grown dramatically. Over 78 percent of the UK population knew nothing about NFTs, according to a Finders poll of roughly 28,000 people conducted in September. Furthermore, given that only 2% of the population owns NFTs, the poll found that the “forecasted adoption” rate of these digital assets would only increase by 5.8%.

    Furthermore, fresh research shows that British men are the country’s leading cryptocurrency adopters. According to current data, Gen-Z girls invest in crypto at a rate of 26%, while Gen-Z males participate at a rate of slightly more than 30%. Residents primarily held cryptocurrency for investment purposes, according to the report.

    42 percent of owners, on the other hand, mentioned making a variety of purchases, including NFTs. Surprisingly, folks all across the world are becoming interested in receiving their paychecks in cryptocurrency. In the United Kingdom, 65 percent of millennial men voted for cryptocurrency payments as a form of compensation. However, the willingness to accept crypto as a direct payment in the United States and China is 35 percent on average, which is about half of the adoption rate in the United Kingdom.

    Governments are tightening down on fraud instances within the blockchain as cryptocurrency adoption grows. As a result, the UK has recently seized a number of assets, leading to the arrest of a number of people who were utilizing the blockchain to mask fraud.

    Despite the fact that Web3 knowledge is becoming more widely recognized, many countries have begun to adopt crypto and the power that comes with it. With NFT sales reaching new highs in January, the market looks set to dominate the first half of the year.

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