• A 19-year-old artist has earned nearly $50 million from the sale of his NFTs

  • Victor Langlois (alias “FEWOCIiOUS”), a transgender adolescent, reportedly generated approximately $50 million through the sale of his non-fungible tokens in just over a year (NFTs).

    The 19-year-old rose to prominence after his physical artworks and NFTs were auctioned off for $2.16 million at Christie’s in New York. “Hello, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This is My Life,” the collection’s title, delves into Victor’s childhood and gender transition.

    Langlois has already made several high-profile NFT art transactions, including selling approximately $20 million in digital art in 24 hours in April. According to the article, the transaction was the third-largest in Nifty Gateway’s history.

    According to Langlois,

    It’s been hard for me to process, to be honest. The dream isn’t to relax and do nothing, the dream is to draw.

    Langlois’s first NFT collection was about his life from the age of 14 to 18, including being removed from an abusive environment and living with his grandparents in Las Vegas. Langlois stated that he was terrified to come out as transgender to religious family members at the time.

    According to Christie’s back in June 2021, he told Christie’s that his grandmother struggled to understand his artistic aspirations, adding that she envisaged him choosing a more solid employment path:

    To see me wanting to pursue art, she was like: ‘What? Be a lawyer.’ Which I understand. But it hurt when she would say, ‘Your art is ugly and that’s why you can’t do it.’

    In addition, he told that his dream is to “draw” rather than “relax and do nothing.”

    Langlois told Coinbase in December 2021 that NFTs taught him that “art does not have to be a still painting.” On April 20, Coinbase revealed that its NFT marketplace, Coinbase NFT, has gone into beta.

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