• A Bored Ape NFT owner has established a Real World Yacht Club

  • A yacht owner who also holds an NFT is going to start a decentralized real world yacht club.

    The ‘Bored Yachts Club’ intends to create a decentralized, NFT-focused yachting club as well as a DAO that will allow members to rent real yachts all over the world for charity.

    The launch begins with the “Lady Amanda,” a single boat owned by club organizer Jad Comair. Later, more boat owners will be onboarded, allowing them to donate funds to causes they care about.

    Jad Comair, the founder, and CEO of Melanion Capital, revealed that his first yacht was purchased as a result of his Bitcoin investment.

    Comair explained that he had planned to develop a decentralized network for yacht rentals before acquiring Ape, but that ‘the mood matches and the thematic pairing proved serendipitous.’

    He claimed that even though the neighborhood was titled the Bored Ape Yacht Club, some yachts were missing.

    Comair believes that the club will appeal to yacht owners worldwide. This will assist them in filling vacant charter windows as well as supporting causes.

    Furthermore, because the yachts can operate in foreign waters outside of land-based supervision, Comair believes the ‘Bored Yachts Club’ can aid in the development of a “crypto city” linked to a port.

    Comair also intends to launch a YachtCoin coin. Comair claims that there is a profit channel for yacht owners and brokers between prospective token price increases and NFT pass royalties.

    “Instead of a metaverse at the end,” Comair concluded, “you have a ‘yachtverse,’ where basically you enjoy yachting instead of video games.”

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