• A crypto investor sells an apartment for a Shiba Inu ($SHIB) in the hopes of becoming a billionaire

  • A cryptocurrency investor revealed that they sold their apartment for 4 million Shiba Inu ($SHIB) tokens in the hopes that the meme-inspired cryptocurrency will rise in value and allow them to become a billionaire in the future.

    According to a Reddit user, they are hoping that one SHIB token will start trading at “at least” $0.01 or $0.10, even if the cryptocurrency takes “ten or fifteen years” to reach that price point. They also stated:

    “And if I lose everything, I really don’t care; I have a good business on which I can rely; it’s not much, but I’ll work hard to improve it in the near future.”

    According to the news outlet, other Shiba investors have recently invested their life savings in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency and are refusing to sell until they become wealthy, even if they are homeless.

    The cryptocurrency’s price has skyrocketed this year, to the point where one investor who bet $8,000 on the cryptocurrency saw the value of his investment rise to $5.7 billion before the token’s price began to fall.

    SHIB’s price soared as a result of a retail trading frenzy, propelling it to the third-most Googled cryptocurrency so far this year. According to one study, Shiba Inu has received 2.8 million average monthly searches this year, while bitcoin has received 22 million average monthly searches. Ethereum came in second place, with 6.3 million average monthly searches.

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