• A CryptoPunks NFT was sent to the Ukrainian ETH address

  • Ukraine officially joined the list of CryptoPunks NFT holders on March 2nd, thanks to a collector’s gift. As a result, an anonymous user sent CryptoPunk #5364 to one of the country’s digital wallets.

    In fact, the asset arrives as Ukraine reaches a total of $33 million in cryptocurrency donations in a couple of days.

    Ukraine is currently hosting a CryptoPunks NFT.

    Donations have poured in to Ukraine’s official wallet accounts in recent days. While the majority of transactions involved BTC, Ether, and TRON, one donation stood out: a CryptoPunks NFT.

    Looking at the transaction history, we can see that the asset was purchased on February 21, 2021 for 16.19 ETH. However, given the collection’s current floor price of 68.9 ETH, it is likely to be quite valuable today.

    Punk #5364, in fact, has several unusual characteristics that add to its worth. Only 5% of CryptoPunks NFTs have a Bandana or Classic Shades design. Meanwhile, only 10% of all collectibles contain a cigarette.

    In short, the trait combination results in a one-of-a-kind CryptoPunks NFT, which Ukraine now owns.

    Donations in cryptocurrency continue to pour in for Ukraine.

    At the time, Ukraine has received approximately $33 million in cryptocurrency donations. The CryptoPunks NFT isn’t the first unexpected donation Ukraine has lately received.

    Web3 pioneer and Ethereum coder Gavin Wood, for example, gave $5 million in the form of $DOT.

    The entrepreneur agreed to pay the amount provided Ukraine created a Polkadot wallet address. This is Wood’s most recent Web3 project, which revolves around the $DOT token.

    “The people of Ukraine fighting for our freedom will be eternally thankful to Gavin Wood for the wonderful donation of $5 million in Polkadot $DOT as pledged publicly,” the country said in a tweet.

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