• A Marvel producer is developing a film based on the Ethereum-based Huxley NFT comics

  • Recent occurrences in the NFT market, such as initiatives by IMAX and AMC theaters, demonstrate that the concept of NFTs being introduced to complement a big movie premiere or in honor of a famous film is quite known.

    That being said, the space is not as accustomed to seeing the opposite of this, that is, NFTs later manifesting themselves as cinematic productions; however, Marvel producer Ari Arad is hoping to change this through his endeavor to turn the post-apocalyptic tale of Huxley Ethereum NFT Comics into a feature film.

    Arad’s Arad Productions studio will co-produce the film with Web3 production studio Feature. Jerome Chen, co-founder of Sony Pictures Imageworks and Academy Award-nominated VFX supervisor, has also been enlisted to assist in the film’s production.

    Despite the fact that the film’s cinematic teaser portrays a CGI animation aesthetic, it has yet to be announced if Huxley will be an animated or live-action movie. The film’s release date is likewise unknown; however, it has been announced that in the run-up to the film’s release, fans may anticipate to engage in a slew of Huxley-themed metaverse events.

    Ben Mauro, the developer of the six-edition, blockchain-based Sci-Fi story, is already well-versed in the world of film production, having worked on films such as The Hobbit and Elysium. Arad, as expected, has a plethora of experience to the project, having produced films like as Iron Man and Ghost Rider, as well as another entertainment adaptation, the Uncharted picture (which is a game-to-movie production).

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