• A new Disney job posting demonstrates a growing interest in the NFT sector

  • A new job seeking from Disney for a business development manager with NFT experience indicates that the media conglomerate is stepping up its digital collectible and metaverse activities. Several recent stories have shown Disney’s interest in NFTs and the metaverse.

    Disney is the latest major corporation eager to collaborate with NFTs, according to a new job posting, which discloses that the media conglomerate is looking for an NFT expert. The job offering, which was published on January 30, 2022, indicates that the organization is looking for a business development manager for its digital experiences team.

    The job description specifies that the employee will be in charge of leading Disney’s activities in the NFT domain, with the overarching goal of improving Disney’s Digital Experiences. The corporation has a patent for constructing a digital entertainment park in the metaverse, and this role could be related to that development.

    After months of speculation, this is Disney’s most definitive step yet about their NFT ambitions. The function entails standard business development responsibilities and objectives, but with a particular emphasis on NFT implementation.

    NFTs are marketed as tools that can increase fan involvement and allow content creators more control over their work, and they have been mainly successful in recruiting established corporations and creators. There has been some strong public criticism, but this hasn’t stopped the space from growing in terms of adoption. Disney faces competition from Netflix, which was said to be interested in blockchain technology in 2019.

    The ex-Disney chairman teases a metaverse effort.

    According to multiple sources, Disney is particularly interested in the digital advances that come with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Former Disney Chairman Bob Iger was interviewed by the New York Times, and there were some signs of the company’s shift into more metaverse experiences.

    Web3 would be a “much more immersive experience,” according to Iger, who also stated that there would be no single metaverse. He regards NFTs as “real” and as having a lot of meaning for individuals, implying that they have a lot of potential value as collectibles. When asked if Disney had looked into NFTs, he said that they had and that some licensing had taken place.

    All of this suggests that a formal announcement on NFTs is not far off. When this occurs, the rivalry in the metaverse space may get quite heated.

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