• A new Otherside video teases Yuga Labs’ Kodas’ dark backstory

  • Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, released a new teaser for its upcoming online game Otherside on Thursday night, hinting at a troubled backstory.

    The two-minute movie begins in a temple-like setting filled with statues of Kodas – Yuga’s mystery animals who reside in Otherside. It also included mages that resembled several Otherdeed land NFTs, such as mycelium, molten, and floral lands.

    Blue light surrounds these images, but as the video zooms out, a menacing red glow surrounds and mixes with the blue. A single Koda arrives, carrying a weapon on its back. It stores a portion of the blue light in a bottle.

    But, as soon as it happens, a chaotic portal appears. As the objects around it are dragged into the hole, the Koda runs madly. A second, green chaos vortex forms, and the Koda is drawn into the red one while imprisoned between the two.

    As the bottle rolls into the neighboring water, it falls through the air and collapses on the earth. It floats with the current before being fished out by Curtis, the Bored Ape from the previous Otherside trailer published in May.

    What are Kodas?

    Except for a few cryptic indications released by Yuga Labs, little is known about The Kodas. They’re mentioned briefly in the Otherside litepaper, along with something called “The Decoupling.”

    Otherside was portrayed as the final remaining race of celestial creatures established during the Big Bang in a leaked pitch deck published online in March. On Discord, Yuga Labs co-founder Gargamel labeled the pitch deck as “ancient and archaic.”

    There is also little information concerning The Kodas’ position in the metaverse. Some Otherdeed land NFTs have Kodas on their lots, and these NFTs sell for far more than their non-Koda counterparts.

    The tweet that accompanied the video hinted at something coming in Q4. While the company’s metaverse is unlikely to be ready for launch just yet, it could be an indication that another journey is on the way. On July 16, the “first trip,” an early look at the world for NFT holders, took place.

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