• Access to some tokens is restricted by Uniswap Labs

  • On the protocol interface that it supports, Uniswap Labs is blocking access to specific tokens, including tokenized equities and derivatives, according to a blog post published Friday.

    The news comes only days after US officials said that they will be scrutinizing these goods more closely. Uniswap justified its move by citing a “changing regulatory landscape.”

    “In line with other DeFi interfaces, we have decided to restrict access to specific tokens through app.uniswap.org,” according to the blog post.

    In recent weeks, several crypto businesses, including Binance, have also abandoned their tokenized stock products. Uniswap, unlike Binance, which is a centralized exchange, restricts access solely through its own interface. Users can still get their hands on these tokens through other portals on the DeFi platform that supports them.

    Regulators, especially senior US politicians, are growing vocal about the broader crypto business. In a speech to the American Bar Association on Tuesday, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler warned that stock tokens on both centralized and decentralized platforms will have to be registered with the regulator.

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