• According to a DappRadar report, the United States and Indonesia are driving the NFT wave

  • According to a new report by DappRadar, interest in NFTs has primarily come from the United States and Indonesia, with Russia and India also having a presence in the market.

    DappRadar, an NFT, decentralized finance, decentralized app store, and data provider, revealed in its user behavior report this month that 85 percent of its DeFi users had also interacted with NFTs, indicating a new wave of interest and adoption.

    DappRadar reported in its report that those from the United States appeared to be most interested in NFT collectibles and marketplaces, based on an analysis of its 500,000 users between July 1 and August 7.

    “The United States has long been one of the top markets for any type of collectible, from rare toys to sports memorabilia. “It is unsurprising to see them replicate the interest in the digital space,” the report said, adding that in Asia, Indonesia led the way, followed by India.

    “We can conclude that the NFT craze is genuine. More experienced blockchain users, such as DeFi users, are likely to realize the full potential of NFTs and their numerous applications,” the company stated in the report. “With new collections being released on a daily basis and record amounts being invested in the NFT space, there is no doubt that the space has a huge upside in the medium term.”

    According to DappRadar data, approximately 1.35 million transactions have been made using OpenSea’s smart contracts in the last 30 days, representing a 179.9 percent increase in transactions over the previous 30-day period.

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