• According to a poll, approximately 30% of swing state voters want Bitcoin to be a legal payment method

  • Residents of Texas and Wisconsin are 37% and 37%, respectively, in favor of legalizing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment within their respective states.

    According to a survey, roughly one-third of swing state residents want local governments to legalize cryptocurrencies as a payment option. While there is widespread support for private digital currencies, the study found that locals still need to learn more.

    Texas and Wisconsin are first and second, respectively.

    The London-based polling firm Redfield & Wilton Strategies polled over 9,700 eligible voters in ten swing states in the United States to gauge their thoughts on some of the most recent cryptocurrency developments. California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia were among them.

    When asked if they want their local governments to legalize digital assets for payment, nearly one-third said yes. When it comes to the various states, Arizona residents appear to be the most skeptical, with only 28% in favor of the idea. Texas and Wisconsin, on the other hand, lead the statistics, with 37 percent in favor of the initiative.

    The citizens of the “Lone Star State” topped another ranking, as 42 percent would like to follow Wyoming’s crypto-friendly legislation, which exempts cryptocurrency transactions from taxation. Arizona (25 percent) was also at the bottom of the list.

    Most states in the United States have historically been consistent in their voting and have never changed their democratic or republican stance between 2000 and 2016. However, 13 of them, known as swing or battleground states, usually determine the outcome of each political campaign.

    As Louisa Idel, head of insights at Redfield & Wilton, pointed out, the rise of cryptocurrency in recent years may be another factor that politicians should consider:

    “If a party wants to capture these receptive voters, it must act quickly – not only to beat the other party to the punch, but also to preempt legislation that, if enacted, will be difficult to reverse.”

    The majority of Americans have only heard of Bitcoin.

    While a sizable portion of the US population would like to see cryptocurrencies legalized as a form of payment, it also needs to improve its understanding of the subject.

    The majority of voters, according to the results, have only heard or read about bitcoin. Over 60% of them are unaware of any other altcoins, such as Ethereum (ETH). Even among those who were familiar with the primary digital asset, nearly half said they only knew “a little bit,” and less than a quarter consider themselves knowledgeable on the subject.

    In response to the question, “Have you heard of cryptocurrencies prior to the poll?” 14 percent of Georgia residents said no. The highest level of awareness was found in Florida, where only 8% of residents became acquainted with digital assets as a result of the survey.

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