• According to a report, Kenya has the world’s fourth-highest interest in cryptocurrency

  • According to a new Broker Chooser research study, Kenya has the world’s fourth-highest interest in cryptocurrency. According to the study, only three countries – Ukraine, Russia, and the United States – had more cryptocurrency searches in the previous 12 months than Kenya.

    Kenya has the highest number of crypto searches in Africa.

    Searches for cryptocurrencies originating in Kenya surpassed 99,810 during the 12-month period. Alternatively, this means that there were 18 searches for every 10,000 people during this time period.

    Kenya’s ranking as the country with the fourth-highest cryptocurrency searches globally indicates that the East African state has more interest per capita than Nigeria and South Africa.

    Furthermore, the study estimates that there are approximately 4,580,760 cryptocurrency owners in Kenya. Kenya scored 5.5 out of a possible 10 in terms of crypto awareness, according to the study.

    Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among Kenyans, Kenyan authorities, including the Central Bank of Kenya, have so far refused to recognize cryptocurrencies. This refusal, as previously reported by Bitcoin.com News, is impeding the growth of digital assets in Kenya.

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