• According to a survey, 72% of Russians have yet to purchase Bitcoin

  • Previously, many people in the crypto sector were hesitant to invest in Bitcoin and digital assets. Many others were not even aware that crypto assets existed. During those times, there was still a significant gap in understanding of digital assets. Furthermore, the tokens have little or no application in real-world transactions and processes.

    However, in recent years, the adoption and acceptability of crypto assets has soared. Several organizations, businesses, sectors, and people are now accepting crypto tokens for payment and bill settling. Some nations have even made cryptocurrency tokens, such as Bitcoin (BTC), legal tender.

    Despite the widespread use of cryptocurrencies, it is surprising that the majority of some countries’ inhabitants have not jumped on board. A recent survey in Russia, for example, found that the majority of its inhabitants have yet to purchase any cryptocurrency. This suggests that the country is trailing behind in terms of cryptocurrency adoption.

    A Russian survey reveals a lag in cryptocurrency interaction.

    Tangem, a Swiss-based crypto wallet service, performed the survey on the Russian population’s crypto opinion. On August 25, Kommersant, a local news outlet, reported the event, noting that the poll attempts to learn more about Russian cryptocurrency investors.

    The study had over 2,100 respondents, 72% of whom stated that they had never purchased any crypto assets, including Bitcoin. This figure shows that bitcoin investors in Russia are in the minority.

    According to the research, there is still a strong interest for prospective crypto investment among the general population. Approximately 31% of participants stated a propensity to purchase crypto tokens in the next six months. While 30% stated they have no plans to invest in cryptocurrency in the future, approximately 40% said they are still undecided.

    Furthermore, the poll found that 46% of participants have a good attitude about cryptocurrency. On the other side, over 46% of respondents have a neutral attitude toward virtual assets, while approximately 9% have a negative attitude toward cryptocurrencies.

    Furthermore, the survey highlighted the earning potential of crypto investments as the primary benefit of owning the assets. It was discovered that approximately 44% of the participants endorsed this issue as the reason for their involvement in cryptocurrency.

    The lack of physical backing for digital assets, on the other hand, was the most significant deterrent to their investment. This is the reason given by 68% of respondents for their lack of involvement with bitcoin.

    Russia has a low level of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency awareness.

    The low degree of Bitcoin and crypto knowledge and education in Russia explains the country’s low crypto adoption rate. According to the survey, only 6% of participants have a thorough understanding of cryptocurrencies, with the remaining 80% only knowing the name.

    Some experts believe that the Bank of Russia’s foreign money restrictions are causing a turnaround for citizens.

    Some suspect that Bitcoin and stablecoins are being used to transport money out of the nation. They would eventually withdraw their funds from other countries, such as the UAE or Georgia.

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