• According to a survey, half of Millennials and Generation Z prefer to receive a portion of their salaries in Bitcoin

  • According to the findings of a global poll conducted by the international financial consultancy firm deVere Group, 36% of millennials and 51% of Generation Z would prefer to receive half of their paychecks in digital assets rather than fiat currency.

    Cryptocurrency Is the Future of Money for Children

    The cryptocurrency industry is popular among people under the age of 40, who see it as a financial revolution and a global technological development. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that more than a third of those born between 1980 and 1996, and 51% of those born between 1997 and 2012, would like to receive half of their salaries in bitcoin and/or alternative coins, according to a recent deVere Group study.

    Nigel Green, the company’s CEO and Founder, explained that young people are drawn to the asset class because of technological advancements that occurred when they were children. They are the ones who understand the “massive potential of digital currencies,” having been influenced by the “enormous surge” in innovations throughout their lives.

    Green went on to say that Millennials and Generation Z would prefer an autonomous decentralized digital currency and payment network to a traditional system dominated by monetary institutions and governments.

    “They clearly believe that cryptocurrency is the unavoidable future of money,” the CEO asserted.

    Source: South China Morning Post, Nigel Green

    In terms of millennials, another study found that 47 percent of such millionaires have invested at least a quarter of their wealth in digital currencies. Thirty percent have invested half of their assets in the market.

    Which Age Group Is the Most Interested in Crypto?

    A separate survey conducted at the end of September revealed which generation is most likely to deal with bitcoin and alternative currencies. According to the findings, millennial investors are the leaders, with 13% indicating that they have allocated some of their wealth to the asset class. Xennials came in second with 9.2 percent, followed by Generation X with 6.3 percent.

    When asked if they had profited from their investments, 76 percent of millennials said “yes.” Surprisingly, xennials (people under the age of 40) ranked first in that statistic, with 80.5 percent. With 71.5 percent, Generation X, the oldest of these three generations, was at the bottom of the ranking.

    Approximately 60% of all age groups consider bitcoin to be the most desirable cryptocurrency investment asset. Ethereum comes in second place among millennials and Generation X. However, it is the fourth option for millennials, who prefer Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.

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