• According to macro investor Dan Tapiero, $7,000,000,000,000 of capital is on its way to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

  • Dan Tapiero, a prominent macro investor and asset allocator, believes that a staggering $7 trillion will be poured into Bitcoin and the crypto asset ecosystem as a whole.

    Tapiero explains why he believes the digital asset landscape will expand in the coming years in a new interview on The Wolf of All Streets.

    “I believe that what this really is is a new asset class, and I believe that the best way to think about it is to recall the mortgage-backed market in 1980 or 1982. A nascent market, very early stage, and I believe it is still in its infancy.”

    According to the co-founder of digital asset equity fund 10T Holdings, the fund is motivated by the belief that the crypto space will experience explosive growth.

    “When I started this fund, the digital asset ecosystem was worth $300 billion. And that is Bitcoin, Ethereum, all the crypto, and all the equity value in the space was around 300, and I thought to myself, ‘I think we can do 30x in 10 years.’

    As a result, I named the fund 10T. In ten years, 10T equals ten trillion dollars. And what has happened is that I have been wrong, and I will continue to be wrong, because we are now at 3T, whereas [my prediction was] only two years ago. So, you know, we’re probably going to do a lot more than a 3×17 more in the next eight years.”

    Tapiero also compares cryptocurrency to other early-stage markets, such as US treasury bond options in 1979, which saw explosive growth in the 1980s and 1990s.

    “This has been even more impressive. For the past 11 years, Bitcoin has increased by 200 percent on an annualized basis. It has the highest return of any asset on the planet. People who are skeptical, I get the first five or six years, but it has already proven itself.”

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