• According to Roger Ver, Dogecoin is “significantly better” than Bitcoin

  • According to a recent interview with Roger Ver, one of Bitcoin’s early users, meme coin Dogecoin is superior to the original bitcoin.

    According to one of the earliest cryptocurrency supporters, the joke cryptocurrency is “cheaper and more trustworthy” than Bitcoin.

    In fact, Ver, like billionaire Elon Musk, believes that Dogecoin has the potential to become the world’s dominating currency.

    The 43-year-old entrepreneur, who began investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related companies in 2011, also criticized Bitcoin, arguing that it had drifted from its original goal.

    He received the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” as a result of his support. Ver went on to become a key voice in the “large blocker” camp, warning that stagnating block size would stymie adoption and eventually lead to the extinction of the original Bitcoin. This caused a schism in the community, which ended in the formation of the “Bitcoin Cash” hard fork, which went live in August 2017.

    Despite its initial success, Bitcoin Cash has faded into obscurity, presently ranking 26th in terms of market capitalization. After previously praising Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin now admitted that it was a flop.

    Ver claims that he is not a Bitcoin Cash maximalist and that he owns a diverse range of altcoins, including Dogecoin and XRP. Having said that, despite years of significant underperformance, he continues to believe that the largest Bitcoin form could end up becoming the world’s main currency.

    Ver just returned to Twitter after a one-year absence. In his most recent tweet, he forecasts that if regular people start utilizing custodial wallets in large numbers, Bitcoin would lose its core revolutionary property.

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