• According to the Finder Survey, Nigeria has the highest rate of cryptocurrency ownership in the world at 24.2 percent

  • According to the most recent Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, Nigeria had the highest rate of cryptocurrency ownership globally in October 2021, at 24.2 percent.

    Bitcoin Is Nigeria’s Most Popular Coin

    In addition to naming Nigeria as the country with the highest proportion of citizens holding cryptocurrencies globally, the survey discovered that “of the 1 in 4 online adults in Nigeria who own some form of cryptocurrency, bitcoin is the most popular coin in Nigeria, accounting for 66.5 percent of crypto owners.” In other words, more than half of the 24.2 percent of Nigerian respondents who own cryptocurrencies are bitcoin owners.

    However, according to the survey findings, ethereum (ETH) is the second most popular coin among Nigerian cryptocurrency holders, accounting for 23.8 percent. Despite this apparent high level of interest in ETH, the survey data indicates that the proportion of Nigerians holding this cryptocurrency in comparison to other countries is still lower.

    In fact, according to the survey, Nigeria’s 23.8 percent ETH ownership ratio is only good enough for 15th place out of a total of 22 countries.

    Dogecoin is ranked third.

    Meanwhile, the meme coin, dogecoin, comes in third place with 21.8 percent of the vote in the survey. This ratio, in turn, is sufficient to place Nigeria in the top ten. According to the survey report:

    Dogecoin is the third most popular cryptocurrency among Nigerians, with 21.8 percent of adults who own cryptocurrency holding the coin. This places it eighth out of 22 countries in terms of dogecoin ownership among those who own cryptocurrency.

    In terms of the gender breakdown of cryptocurrency owners in Nigeria, the survey discovered that 62.9 percent of Nigerian crypto owners are men, with the remainder being women.

    In other words, the difference in the number of males and females who own cryptocurrency means that men are 1.7 times more likely than women to own cryptocurrency. With a global average of 1.5, Nigeria ranks 11th out of 22 countries in terms of male dominance.

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