• Adobe Behance Launches Integration of Solana and Phantom

  • Adobe, the computer software behemoth, is pushing forward with its objective of incorporating blockchain technology into its apps. This time, it’s integrating Solana with Behance, its social networking platform for promoting creative output.

    Users can now connect a Phantom wallet to Behance and upload Solana NFTs to their profiles, thanks to the most recent upgrade. The new upgrade allows designers to begin interacting with the developing technology while also allowing them to do it in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

    Users can currently add Ethereum-based non-fungible coins to Behance’s platform. However, mounting environmental concerns, as well as exorbitant transaction costs, have driven many consumers to steer clear. So, with Solana’s new backing, these concerns are no longer a concern.

    In addition to this new feature, Adobe will expand its content credentials tool to include Solana NFTs. A initiative they created in response to the growing problem of NFT fraud. As a result, users will have an extra layer of authentication to protect their work from shady traders.

    Adobe has collaborated with Quicknode, a Miami-based Web3 infrastructure specialist, to make this all feasible. A business with extensive experience in developing and delivering blockchain-based initiatives, particularly positioned to assist Adobe with its NFT ventures.

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