• aelf Enterprise Achieves Important Blockchain Accreditations in China

  • aelf (ELF), one of the world’s leading blockchain ecosystems, announced on Friday that it has become the first public blockchain developer to receive all three accreditations from the China Institute of Electronics Technology Standardization, CESI – Function, Performance, and Reliability.

    The CESI accreditation scheme is run by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). This represents a significant effort by the government to ensure complete transparency, security, and functionality of blockchain systems. It should be noted that the company passed its third certification test, ‘blockchain reliability,’ today with flying colors.

    China’s general optimism about aelf Enterprises

    Today, there is a lot of buzz about blockchain technology and its potential. As time goes on, more and more countries are adopting distributed ledger technology to improve their existing traditional centralized systems. China is widely regarded as the emerging blockchain leader. The country considers blockchain to be an important national strategy and is actively promoting its use.

    China adopted aelf Enterprise, its first major blockchain infrastructure platform, earlier in May to meet the needs of future blockchain applications in Tianjin. Since then, the firm has been working hard to obtain all three CESI accreditations. While elf already received a distinction for transaction reliability and system recoverability, it has proven to be extremely efficient by scoring a hundred in the reliability test as well.

    According to Haobo Ma, CEO of aelf, “aelf has cultivated the most trusted blockchain for users, which will protect them from any type of financial or cyber-attack.” And this certification is yet another proof of the integrity and core capacity of our blockchain platform.

    The blockchain reliability test was carried out on-site by technical experts who evaluated the blockchain infrastructure from five key perspectives: system fault tolerance, ease of recovery, transaction reliability, completeness, and stability.

    In addition, aelf Enterprise is laying the groundwork for an aelf mainnet token swap in September. According to the company, aelf’s capacity will be critical when users begin migrating to the company mainnet via mainnet token swap.

    According to experts, the company has been working hard to improve and expand its services since the mainnet went live in December 2020. To which Haobo Ma responded, “We have worked very hard to make aelf mainnet the best one.” And the rest of the world will soon find out thanks to our mainnet token swap.”

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