• After a ransomware attack on an American IT firm, Vice President Joe Biden has ordered an investigation

  • A ransomware attack at the end of last week has sparked a federal investigation, according to comments from U.S. president Joe Biden.

    Biden remarked on the ordered investigation during a public appearance on Friday. Friday that hackers exploited the systems of a Florida-based IT firm to hit a number of businesses worldwide with ransomware. Among the affected firms was a Swedish supermarket chain, forcing the closure of hundreds of stores.

    Biden said that officials “were not certain” as to the original source of the attack, per reports of his remarks.

    He was cited as adding, “The original thinking was it wasn’t the Russian government, but we’re not sure yet.”

    Officials in the White House and elsewhere have been signaling a more serious position on ransomware assaults over the past month or so, including a stated request for enhanced bitcoin network analysis to track payments.

    Federal officials said in early June that they had recovered some of the monies paid out following an attack on the American energy company Colonial Pipeline. Following an incident a month prior, Colonial had paid out 75 BTC.

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