• After cheaters threaten its future, the Sandbox is considering new KYC rules

  • Following recent concerns from gaming speedrunners, The Sandbox (TSB) is now considering KYC rules to combat cheaters. As a result, the cheating event occurred during one of the speedrun contests hosted by Metalympics, a TSB official partner.

    According to Metalympics, the TSB ignored problem reports and evidence of cheating supplied by the community. As a result, The Sandbox team decided to reward one of the fraudsters with 1000 $SAND (about $1889) in prize money. However, this may change shortly as The Sandbox investigates KYC in order to catch cheats.

    Background on the concerns of speedrunners

    For those who are unfamiliar, a speedrun is a playing of a video game with the goal of finishing it as quickly as possible. Speedrunning is actually pretty common in The Sandbox games. Several third-party organizations, such as Metalympics, will hold speedrun competitions for TSB players on a regular basis. Given this, several of these contests offered massive cash prizes — often more than $15,000 in $SAND — to qualifying winners.

    However, there were definitely no anti-bot systems in place to detect cheaters in The Sandbox games. According to Twitter user @Lugicc, one of the players who utilized Cheat Engine with 100 percent proof against him ended up finishing second in the Metalympics Originals #3 category. And if that wasn’t terrible enough, The Sandbox team also gave the cheater 1000 $SAND in prize money.

    The Sandbox is now exploring KYC rules to deter cheaters.

    Given the number of unsatisfied voices in the community, Sébastien, co-founder of The Sandbox, stated that the team will soon come up with more extreme alternatives. For example, in the future, The Sandbox players may be required to complete KYC before collecting awards, dealing with cheaters along the way. But would this help to address the problem? The majority of TSB supporters believe it will.

    What about the previous The Sandbox game winners?

    Speaking of which, the Metalympics incident has prompted even more concerns. If cheaters can easily win in the Metalympics, wouldn’t it be easy for them to win in previous TSB games? For example, earning several raffle tickets in Alpha Season 1 and 2. With so many huge brands just entering The Sandbox, it’s time for the TSB team to provide a level playing field for all of its participants.

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