• After launching a new political party, Andrew Yang expresses his support for Bitcoin

  • Following the announcement of his new political party, a former candidate in the American Democratic Primary expressed support for Bitcoin.

    Andrew Yang, a former Democratic Party member and primary candidate, has just announced the formation of his new political organization, “The Forward Party.” Shortly after, he confirmed his support for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

    Andrew Yang Is Crazy About Cryptocurrency

    Yang announced his new party in a tweet yesterday, and in a video monologue, he explains what the party is all about.

    Jeff Booth, a well-known entrepreneur and Bitcoin maximalist, responded to Yang’s announcement hours later. He made a brief case for combating monetary manipulation before being asked whether Yang’s campaign would “advance Bitcoin and the free market.”

    Within minutes, Yang responded to Booth, claiming to be a fan of cryptocurrencies as well as Booth’s work.

    “I am a big supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, and I believe that instead of assuming the inflation model, we should allow fiat prices to fall as they should as things become more efficient.” Jeff, I learned a lot from you.”

    He then connected cryptocurrency to one of his campaign promises.

    “Who says UBI has to be in fiat?” he wonders. This suggests that he may be willing to use cryptocurrency to make government transfers.

    Yang Understands the Difference Between Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    While the crypto community is generally supportive of Yang’s remarks, some have urged him to focus solely on Bitcoin. Another semi-popular Bitcoin maximalist, Dennis Parker, told Yang that other cryptocurrencies are “a big casino without fundamentals.”

    Yang quickly responded, stating that Bitcoin is “unique in its ability to provide a firm non-manipulable foundation.”

    This demonstrates Yang’s understanding of the cryptocurrency space at this point. He even mentioned the industry during his Democratic Primary campaign in 2019.

    He isn’t the only politician who is paying attention. A week before the Federal elections, Canadian party leader Maxime Bernier announced his support for Bitcoin. Bernier, like Yang, recognizes Bitcoin’s potential as a store of value and a weapon against inflation.

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