• Again, WAX NFT sales outperform Binance Smart Chain

  • In the NFT sales category, the WAX blockchain has once again outperformed Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and this article will discuss what this means for the NFT space.

    Asset eXchange Blockchain on a Global Scale

    The WAX blockchain, also known as the NFT blockchain, is unique in that it is an environmentally friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games, and digital collectibles. The negative impact of NFTs and digital assets on the environment has deterred many people from entering the field.

    A look at the WAX website reveals how proud the corporation is of its carbon-neutral achievements. WAX, as a purpose-built NFT blockchain, gives businesses with everything they need to establish a successful NFT collection, regardless of whether your service is for games, exchanges, digital marketplaces, or anything in between.

    WAX has quickly become one of the most popular and well-liked blockchains for NFTs, and when we look at the income and profit data, it’s difficult to argue that WAX is far ahead of the competition in the blockchain NFT field.

    No NFT, according to WAX, is more vital than our planet, and WAX’s dedication to carbon neutrality is its most crucial selling point in more ways than one. The firm can achieve low carbon emissions because it uses a proof of stake mechanism that doesn’t require supercomputers to process transactions, which would consume enormous amounts of energy. According to reports, WAX has once again outperformed Binance Smart Chain.

    BSC vs. WAX

    The month of February 2022 was a great one for WAX NFTs, with the platform’s NFT volume reaching $23.82 million. Binance Smart Chain NFTs, on the other hand, had $1.14 million in trading volume.

    Although Binance’s figure appears to be little in comparison to WAX, both chains experienced year-over-year growth in February. Although the February statistic was noteworthy for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it pales in comparison to the WAX blockchain’s volume.

    BSC’s numbers are even more amazing when we consider that the chain reported $94,325 in NFT trading volume in January 2022. That means that during January and February, BSC grew by 1,109 percent in just 28 days. When we look at BSC’s year-over-year trading volume, we see that it reached $592,759 in February 2021, a 92 percent increase over the previous month.

    The Use of Wax is Increasing

    WAX had a total sales volume of $20.87 million in January 2022, which represents a 14 percent increase in just 28 days. WAX, like BSC, saw a significant yearly monthly gain; in February 2021, the chain brought in $2.82 million, a 744 percent increase over the previous year.

    After all, these blockchains have had a wild year, with all-time highs and all-time lows in the space of six months. The data for the WAX and BSC blockchains shows an increase in overall activity in the NFT area, which is fantastic news.

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