• Ai Miura, a Japanese racing driver, has signed a contract with the SAKURA NFT Platform

  • XRI is developing the SAKURA NFT Platform and has revealed new information about their contract with an athlete. The first contract was signed with Ai Miura, a Japanese race car driver. She was the first female winner of the Japanese Formula 3 Championship.

    What precisely is the SAKURA NFT Platform?

    This NFT platform not only provides the NFT market but also some additional functions. On that page, you can manage your token wallet. You can also create your own wish list.

    The labels of product status and other details ensure the dependability of those NFT products.

    This platform requires it. This logo image depicts SAKURA because it is a symbol of Japan and it is very clear that this project is related to that country (cherry blossom).

    Collaboration with International Athletes:

    SAKURA NFT Platform aims to be entertaining as well as dreamy for those who believe in the infinite possibilities of NFT all over the world. They will invite young and energetic creators, as well as global celebrities, to participate in this platform.

    In 2014, they announced that they had signed a contract with Ai Miura, the first female F3 Japan champion!!

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