• Amber, a crypto financial services firm based in Australia, discusses its expansion plans in the United States

  • Amber, a cryptocurrency financial services firm that raised $100 million in a funding round in the middle of this year, announced its launch in the United States in late September. The startup from Australia was valued at $1 billion following the round.

    After the beta version is released, the app will be available in 44 states.

    Amber Basic and Amber Black, Amber’s premium services, will be available to US customers, allowing them to store as much Bitcoin as they want without incurring any fees. When the beta version is released, the app will be available in 44 states.

    Svetski added to ULTCOIN365 in a statement:

    “Amber’s official launch in the United States will take place on 01/11/21, and will be closely followed by their premium product Amber Black, which offers advanced automations like “auto-buy-the-dip,” “auto-sell-the-pump,” and other yet-to-be-announced meme-like features that will help people across 44 states stack sats in ways they’ve never been able to do before.”

    Expansion plans in Latin America

    Amber intends to expand into emerging markets in Latin and South America after launching in the United States. Amber hopes that the app will become the go-to solution for anyone looking to buy fiat, earn Bitcoin, and shop within the app without having to sell Bitcoin.

    Amber has the support of Morgan Creek Digital as well as a major Australian university. Amber announced at the end of June that it expected to generate $500 million in revenue by the end of the year, and that it had been profitable since its inception.

    Amber is a platform that focuses on mobile first.

    Amber assured ULTCOIN365 that she has been and will continue to be mobile-first, adding:

    That not only means the experience is extremely intuitive for the fastest growing segment of’screens,’ but it also means the functionality we have is richer than other non-mobile native products on the market. Amber, for example, has advanced automations such as auto-buy, the dip and auto-sell, and the pump, which are more advanced incarnations of the standard DCA feature found on other platforms.

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