• Antara Sets the Standard for NFT Film Financing

  • In Hollywood, interesting things are afoot, as the swords and sandals epic Antara looks to the NFT world for finance. As a result, NFT holders will have a proportionate part in the film.

    The team is using the story of the “Arabian Camels” to raise the $50 million needed to fund the movie, which will give collectors a portion of the box office and streaming earnings from the potential blockbuster, as well as acting roles and location scouting for rare item owners.

    A small number of Antara NFTs are now available on OpenSea, and a whitelist for owners of the original Arabian Camels collection will be available soon. The remaining goods will be available for public purchase in March. Collectors can then wait for the big unveiling once the item has sold out.

    Antara is based on the actual story of Antara Ibn Shaddad, a 6th century Arabian hero. A former slave who rose to prominence as a knight and poet after gaining his freedom. As a result, his narrative will ultimately be memorialized in film as a tribute to this noble warrior. An epic narrative set in the vast deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, encompassing honour, treachery, love, and friendship.

    I’m in charge of the good ship. Antara is directed by Tarsem Singh, a well-known filmmaker whose distinct visual style will bring the concept to life. Will everything go according to plan? Who knows, but it’s a fascinating initiative to keep an eye on.

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