• AOZ NFTs: Zoomer Subculture-Focused Hand-Drawn NFT Collections from 1993

  • The “Age of Z” collection will feature the most important elements of “zoomer” subculture as well as iconic symbols of this generation.

    “Generation Z” will be commemorated by 1,993 NFTs.

    According to Metaverz Studio’s announcement, its 1,993 hand-crafted non-fungible tokens will be dedicated to the generation born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s.

    According to a Metaverz team member, this release is motivated by a new generation of investors’ interest in NFTs and cryptocurrencies as income instruments. Digital currencies are preferred by “Generation Z” over traditional, fiat-based tools.

    Metaverz introduces a “Age of Z” (also AOZ) character collection with 1,993 NFTs. They function ideologically similarly to the overhyped CryptoPunks; the price for one Punk begins at 67.67 Ethers.

    These NFTs were designed by WKgallery to represent the values of freedom, punk, and peace. As a result, each of the 1,993 characters exudes a futuristic free spirit.

    AOZ project director Junie X emphasizes that this collection is intended to be a symbol of a free, decentralized, and inclusive ideology:

    We are committed to creating a self-sufficient, automated, and harmonious world in which innovative and collaborative privacy-protection systems are promoted. We hope that the AOZ series NFTs will help us realize our vision of a more inclusive and decentralized world. (…) Metaverz Studio intends to become more involved in the DeFi + NFT and GameFi + NFT spaces, as well as to prioritize AOZ NFT owners’ participation in community governance. That is something we will primarily focus on in 2022.

    Everyone gets AOZ tokens.

    AOZ NFTs have over 500 distinct characteristics, and they are classified into four classes based on this unique combination of characteristics.

    Token collectors can select a token from the following categories: normal (N), rare (R), super rare (SR), and specially super rare (SSR) (SSR).

    Unlike “Normal” NFTs, “Rare” characters have mythical power and mighty gears, while “Super Rare” ones represent nobility and passion.

    Ten “Super Rare” NFTs should be thought of as surrealistic cyborgs with superhuman abilities.

    In Q4 2021, 1,500 NFTs will be listed for public sale, while 200 NFTs will be airdropped to participants in the ZKSwap PoS mining initiative. The Metaverz team will use the remaining 293 NFTs for marketing and community activities.

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