• Ape Beverages to Feature Bored Apes

  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club has evolved from a top NFT collection to a pop culture icon, appearing on everything from phone cases to Rolling Stone covers. It’s making another appearance now, this time on canned water.

    Ape Beverages has announced that its new Ape Water product will be available shortly, and the cans will sport the all-too-familiar icon of a bored ape. These cans will be available for purchase on their website beginning September 22, 2022.

    Refresh your memory with Bored Apes.

    The canned water product bills itself as “the first sustainable water beverage of Web 3.0,” and it largely relies on its eco-friendliness as well as its relationship with the Bored Ape Club. In terms of the BAYC, people are increasingly licensing out their apes for commercial uses.

    This is because owning a Bored Ape asset includes the copyright to the Ape’s image and likeness, as well as the right to profit from this likeness. This explains why we’re seeing more Bored Apes on consumer goods and in the media (think Seth Green’s impending TV show starring his own monkey).

    More apes will be seen in the future, both on and off water cans.

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