• APENFT Collaborates With Tron-Based Cool Cats

  • The APENFT Foundation increases its efforts to assist promising and emerging non-fungible token projects on the Tron network. The company announced a new strategic partnership with Tron Cool Cats, an Ethereum-based collection spin-off.

    This new collaboration will focus on providing Tron Cool Cats with ongoing marketing and product development assistance. Following the establishment of a $100 million fund dedicated to investing in high-quality NFT projects, APENFT has increased its efforts to identify such art collections in the rapidly evolving Tron NFT landscape ecosystem.

    “This strategic partnership with APENFT means a lot to our team and the entire Cool Cats community. The agreement will not only help our kittens grow faster and stronger, but it also demonstrates our commitment to providing quality art and outstanding secondary market support,” the company wrote in an email to ULTCOIN365.

    The APENFT Foundation is a curatorial project that aims to bring emerging and tier-one art to the blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens. Despite its short history, the company has already played an important role in supporting some of the Tron network’s most popular and fastest-selling NFT collections, such as Tpunks and Tron Meebits. APENFT also owns digital art pieces worth over $30 million from the world’s top crypto artists, Beeple and Pak.

    Tron Cool Cats Minting: Ongoing Tron Meowing

    Tron Cool Cats, like the majority of the world’s most famous NFT collections, is made up of a series of 10,000 randomly generated artworks. Each of these kittens has a unique combination of visual characteristics, such as eye color, fur color, hairstyle, and clothing, among many others. Palmar Labs is proud to support these truly unique (and adorable) cats.

    Tron Cool Cats, unlike the first Ethereum-launched series, are minted using the new TRC-721 standard. As the NFT market continues to grow, artists and developers are looking for ways to cut minting costs. The Tron network, with its new NFT standard, provides a viable alternative to Ethereum’s high costs.

    Tron Cool Cats is following in the footsteps of previous projects on this network by offering a fixed minting price of 1,500 TRX or $135. If these kittens follow in the footsteps of their Ethereum forefathers, holders could see a 150X increase in value. At the time of writing, the lowest price for Ethereum Cool Cats is 6.6 ETH ($19,200).

    Tron Cool Cats can be mined using TronLink — the go-to wallet for Tron ecosystem participants — from both web-based browsers and mobile devices. According to project representatives, Klever wallets are also supported.

    Apart from the meows, Tron Cool Cats have a lot more to tell their owners. The project has established a 10% TRX pool for owners of multiple kittens. In other words, cat owners who own more than 30 cats are entitled to a portion of the TRX raised.

    Tron Cool Cats is preparing to launch its own marketplace, where cat fans will be able to buy, sell, and bid with complete market transparency. However, NFT collectors still have time to acquire these tiny but potentially very valuable creatures.

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