• Archethic, a blockchain network, has launched a tool-based web portal

  • Archethic, a blockchain network, has released the Archethic Lab online portal, which includes a number of tools designed to assist users and developers in joining the project’s ecosystem. The website includes links to the platform’s testnet and mainnet betas, as well as regular video tech upgrades and all the tools and documentation needed to get started.

    “We’re embracing the spirit of community-led scalable initiatives with an open invitation to developers searching for an intriguing blockchain project to get involved with from the start,” said Archethic Foundation chairman Sebastien Dupont. “This initiative is led by Web3 developers for Web3 developers.” We’re very thrilled to watch this project expand as crypto and blockchain are finally being embraced into the mainstream, with Archethic’s highly scalable blockchain being well ready for real-world use in high-traffic use-cases like content publication (or website hosting), mailing solutions.”

    The company’s mobile wallet is one of the tools that will be useful to anyone interested in supporting the project (not just engineers). The wallet accepts $UCO token transactions and is also compatible with NFT transfers on the Archethic testnet.

    A GitHub page with APKs for downloading a mobile wallet on Android devices is available. A repo for developers to construct their own wallets is also available, as is a beta version of a web app wallet.

    According to the firm, no funds are lost if the wallet is deleted from a device. To re-access the wallet on any supported device, a 24-word mnemonic recovery password is required.

    The other three tools are intended for developers who want to start working on the Archethic blockchain. AEWeb is a platform that assists web developers in deploying blockchain-based websites. It comes with a decentralized security layer.

    The Beacon Explorer is a blockchain explorer that allows you to investigate the “beacon chains” that are used to coordinate and synchronize the Archethic network. Archethic employs a one-of-a-kind consensus mechanism known as ARCH, which allows numerous grouped beacon chains to run in parallel, with each chain made up of blocks holding a single confirmed transaction.

    Developers who want to create dApps that interact with UCO will need a mechanism to test their work. The Archethic testnet includes a UCO faucet that provides 100 UCO at a time, solely for testing reasons. This enables developers to create projects without having to spend their own money to validate code.

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