• ARIA NFT Marketplace Will Provide Rare NFTs x Untold Sports Star Stories

  • ARIA Network seeks to revolutionize the norms of digital collectibles with the debut of the new NFT marketplace, ARIA Exchange. Furthermore, it has collaborated with some of the world’s most well-known businesses, sports, and entertainers. As a result, the goal is to bring together the best all-stars from the past with future icons.

    ARIA Exchange is a new market for rare NFT collectibles.

    The ARIA Exchange, which will launch in the summer of 2022, is an unique NFT marketplace for rare collector NFTs. Users can also collect unseen stories from modern sports players like Jayson Tatum, Max Scherzer, and Alex Bregman.

    In addition, many other all-time sports legends will be featured in ARIA’s new NFT marketplace. Bill Russell, Jerry West, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Honus Wagner, and more are on the list.

    Meanwhile, their future release, The Estate Collection, will include a one-of-a-kind digital portfolio. In reality, it will comprise phygital NFT artifacts from baseball, basketball, and hockey.

    Furthermore, ARIA Exchange is using its portfolio of culture-leading athletes, brands, and superstars by focusing on the rarest rarities. It is also redesigning collectibles and fan engagements with the goal of disrupting the current NFT space.

    The ARIA Network Founder Darren Mann said, “We are redefining the landscape of the NFT community, uniting everyone from the crypto enthusiast to the crypto-curious sports fanatic, gamer, and collectible-connoisseur under one roof.”

    “With narrative-based original content, utility, and interoperability, ARIA Exchange will empower collectors of all levels to seamlessly buy, sell, and trade the world’s most coveted NFTs and unlock some of the greatest untold stories of our time.”

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