• Arsenal, an English football club, has joined the NFT craze

  • Football club in England The Premier League squad established a partnership with Unagi’s fantasy football game Ultimate Champions on Tuesday. The long-term collaboration enables players to play cross-league fantasy football for free, with the possibility to trade player NFTs with other platform users.

    NFT Model of Play to Earn

    In-game currency is also supported in the fantasy football game, which users may earn and spend on the platform. The game allows you to assemble the best squad possible with real-world players and get incentives based on how well the players perform in real life. Ultimate Champions’ scoring system takes into account all player positions.

    The player NFTs, which were created in a play to earn format, are analogous to collectible football stickers in digital form. More success in the game means more NFTs, which can be traded with other players.

    Users can, however, play the full game for free without purchasing digital player cards. The $CHAMP token is the utility token that is utilized across the Ultimate Champions platform, whilst the $MGC token, which symbolizes manager contracts, is the primary reward source for users.

    Fan Engagement Meets Gaming

    Arsenal’s chief commercial officer, Juliet Slot, stated that the alliance aims to be at the forefront of global fan involvement and to provide supporters with the ultimate gaming experience. “The next generation of fantasy football games is represented by Unagi’s Ultimate Champions.” We are honored to be the only Premier League club to join the free-to-play game and provide this fantastic concept to our fans throughout the world, allowing them to apply their global football expertise and test themselves as a football manager.”

    Unagi CEO Remi Pellerin stated that the value of the NFTs will evolve over time in accordance with each Arsenal player’s actual performance.

    “Arsenal’s young crop of players is perfectly suited to our innovative fantasy game: users will be able to scout for young talent, collect their favourite players’ digital cards, and play with them every week.”

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