• As It Prepares for a Major Launch, IOEN Announces Dual-Platform IDO for Energy DeFi Protocol

  • The IDO season is far from over. Over the last few months, the crypto community has been burdened with filling out whitelisting forms and participating in community initiatives for upcoming IDO projects. The current situation remains unchanged. As it prepares for its upcoming IDO, this new DeFi energy project, IOEN, is fully invested in making a big splash. IOEN is bringing an innovative approach to incentivize the creation of ‘virtual microgrids’ around the world, which will promote efficient energy distribution. As part of its IDO launch, IOEN will be available on two platforms in October.

    In October, IOEN will have two launches.

    The first of these launches is a TrustSwap IDO, which will begin on October 8th. Trustswap is a decentralized protocol that aims to empower users to conduct “customizable transactions” in both DeFi and the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

    Although it is primarily aimed at facilitating smart contract adoption, it also has a native launchpad that, according to its website, has launched 27 projects so far. Despite the fact that the majority of the projects listed are not crypto household names, they appear to have seen relatively decent growth on the launchpad, with one project called ‘Chain Games’ growing by 10,200% to an all-time high of $1.03 per coin. Although the price has since dropped to $0.1478, it is still nearly fourteen times higher than its initial $0.01 price.

    Along with the TrustSwap launch, there will be a separate TrustPad launch, a separate platform, and a dedicated launchpad for DeFi projects. TrustPad has completed 28 launches to date, with three more on the way in the coming week, an impressive number for such a young project. The IOEN Initial DEX Offering will take place the following day; the listing date has yet to be announced.

    The project will run its whitelisting processes, and token holders will be required to comply with KYC anti-money laundering measures in order to participate.

    Introducing an Idea for Energy-Utility in the Blockchain Space

    The Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) is a non-profit platform that promotes the efficient distribution of renewable energy through the use of smart contract technology on Holochain. It was created by the creators of RedGrid, a clean energy technology company that aims to save energy by automating household devices to use power when the power grid is best suited for it, rewarding users with IOEN tokens for their assistance in grid stabilization.

    IOEN has received investments from a number of notable venture capital firms, including SL2 Capital, Skyman Ventures, AU21 Capital, Holochain, Maven Capital, and others. IOEN has over 16,000 Twitter followers and is growing. The project is currently accelerating its community initiatives and has made study materials available in the public domain, including The Internet of Energy Network Currency Paper, for members to review and learn.

    The project is driving a community-centric mission with the urgent goal of transforming the current modern financial landscape into an energy-friendly one, reinforcing the aspects of sustainability, and thus preserving it for the future.

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