• Asian Media Giant POPS Worldwide Announces Its Metaverse Entry with DinoPOPS NFT Launch

  • SINGAPORE, Aug. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DinoPOPS NFTs originated from the famous Vietnamese comic "My Brother is T-Rex". DinoPOPS may seem like just another dinosaur, but don't let that fool you. DinoPOPS has superb vocabulary, has won a Nobel Peace Prize, has been recognised as a 5 stars Michelin chef, New York Times bestseller, YouTube creator, and more. DinoPOPS' next adventure is to enter the Metaverse and share his love of diversity.

    "Web3 is all about decentralisation, individuals and true personal ownership. As an audience-first company, we're inviting DinoPOPS holders and collectors to be the owners of the IP, not just buyers. It is empowered by our efforts to bring win-win utilities like long-term revenue share schemes to DinoPOPS owners and Metaverse activities in the future", said Ms. Esther Nguyen, the Founder and CEO of POPS Worldwide. "This NFT launch plays a key role in POPS' strategy to build a massive and dynamic digital ecosystem. We are excited to bring one of our biggest IPs to life through an algorithmically generated digital collectibles. This is just the beginning as we pave the way for our IPs and artists to enter the next stage to Web3 and metaverse."

    DinoPOPS NFT holders will have access to multiple members-only perks, including exclusive access to future metaverse activities and NFT launches. Holders of 49 rare items from the collection will be featured in special comic chapters. All DinoPOPS NFT holders will also get revenue share from YouTube streams of My Brother is T-Rex Movingtoon. The amount of revenue share will correspond to NFT tiers and be bounded by pool. Full details will be announced on DinoPOPS' community channels.

    About POPS Worldwide

    POPS Worldwide is Southeast Asia's leading digital entertainment powerhouse with over 15 years track record of innovation, 270 billion lifetime views and over 570 million fans to-date. It is a digital-first, consumer-obsessed and data-driven enterprise. POPS curates and offers a diverse library of digital-first content including music, entertainment and edutainment for different age groups and demographics, with a primary focus on children, Gen Z and Millennials across Southeast Asia.

    Visit https://pops.io/dinopops to explore more on the project & get your own DinoPOPS NFT now!

    Official Communities

    Website: https://pops.io/dinopops
    Discord: https://discord.gg/uP3EVW5CT6
    Telegram (Global): https://t.me/dinopops
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinopopsio
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DinoPOPS/

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