• ASTROBOYS Introduces the NFT Collection with a Gaming Platform

  • The ASTROBOYS will be featured in an interactive Play-to-Earn and Augmented Reality Metaverse game developed by ATROBOYS, an Ethereum-based and community-driven collection of 8,888 NFTs.

    Players will be the physical representations of their NFTs, and their path of experience will be determined by the ASTROBOY they are holding. You can also guide your character through the game as you combat and compete with other players as a player.

    Daily prizes will be gained in the game based on players’ ability to perform daily activities or win tournaments. At the end of each day, earnings are paid out in ASTRO, the platform’s native currency.

    ASTROBOYS holders will also have access to MOONWALKER, a first-of-its-kind app that allows you to engage with your NFTs. You can use the app to personalize your NFTs, engage with other community members, and accomplish other tasks to win prizes.

    What else? Members of the community will also appreciate the app’s excellent content and services from partner projects and merchants. The software will not be available right away, but you can start collecting ASTROBOYS through the whitelist pre-sale.

    Those who purchase during the whitelist pre-sale will be guaranteed a spot when the app is released. They can then log in and begin playing to earn awards and win prizes before everyone else.

    ASTROBOYS holders will receive several perks that reflect the project’s conviction that the metaverse should be enjoyable. Among the advantages are:

    • The first 1,111 holders will receive an exclusive STREETWEAR BRAND “MOONWALKER.”
    • Donations to foundations that promote mental health and children’s brain illnesses
    • A private invitation is sent to the first 2000 holders to join the team for a premium experience in Miami.
    • 4000 holders have received a private invitation to join the team for a luxurious experience in Los Angeles.
    • Sculpture of Astroboys for one of the LEGENDARY NFT holders
    ASTRO Token

    $ASTRO is the native utility token used to pay for ASTROBOYS ecosystem services and experiences. Members can earn the token in addition to purchasing it by playing the Augmented Reality Play-to-Earn Metaverse game and participating in additional App activities. The token sale is set to take place in mid-June.

    Pre-Sale for Phase 1 Minting

    This will be announced at a later date. During the first wave of minting, Astroboys will mint 1,111 NFTs at a floor price of 0.15 ETH each. You may join the pre-sale whitelist on Discord to be the first in line to secure the newly minted ASTROBOYS. Once the NFTs are gone, all holders will receive exclusive MOONWALKER streetwear merchandise.

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