• Axie Infinity and Bit2Me Form Partnership to Expand in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America

  • The new play-to-earn model is reshaping the videogame business, and Axie Infinity has emerged as one of the industry’s most successful pioneers. The game is based on blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT), and the company hopes to extend and strengthen its presence in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America.

    To that end, it has formed a partnership with Bit2Me, one of the largest Spanish cryptocurrency–based financial technology services platforms, to strengthen its position in those markets.

    Bit2Me will be one of the AXS exchange partners for gamers in Southern Europe and Latin America as a result of this strategic relationship. Players of the blockchain game will have access to all of the platform’s benefits, including telephone support in Spanish and Portuguese from native agents, among other things.

    Bit2Me is bolstering the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

    For additional information, we contact Koh Onozawa, CEO of B2M (Bit2Me’s native token). According to Onozawa, Jeffrey Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, stated that he is particularly interested in the markets of Portugal and Spain due to the significant demand these nations are developing. Latin America is one of its strongholds, where it has achieved widespread adoption and which Axie Infinity hopes to consolidate even further. For several Latin American Axie Infinity gamers, the revenue generated by the game is their primary source of income.

    Onozawa emphasized that the current exchange from fiat to cryptocurrencies in Bit2Me is only available with the euro; however, he emphasized that the team is working hard to offer direct exchange from fiat currencies from Latin American countries as soon as possible. According to Onozawa, this could be the pivotal stage for this alliance:

    “Bit2Me is delighted to be one of their partners in assisting these gamers in Southern Europe and Latin America with their Fiat on/off ramps and community building activities.” Thank you to Jeffery Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, for including us in your drive toward more web3 usage.”

    According to B2CEO, M’s “entrepreneurs and development in Spain and Portugal tend to be speedier,” and these accomplishments can be exported to Latin America and vice versa, demonstrating the region’s symbiotic relationship.

    The Spanish crypto exchange hopes to attract more members of its community outside of Spain, where it has a strong presence, in order to increase the number of B2M holders and users. Furthermore, Onozawa indicated that it will give critical assistance for numerous Axie Infinity meetups across Latin America and implied, but did not confirm, that “B2M could bring advantages within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.”

    Axie Infinity, on the other hand, will benefit from a notable reinforcement of the instructional material relating to Axie Infinity in the Bit2Me Academy, a free crypto educational portal that received 2.9 million visits last year. Onozawa noted that Axie Infinity will benefit from having Bit2Me as a strategic partner due to the substantial experience gained from the Spanish-speaking markets and its peculiarities since 2014.

    Onozawa emphasized that the two organizations’ collaboration has a bright future ahead of it:

    Axie Infinity and Bit2Me will collaborate for a long time; this is not a one-time collaboration; it is a long-term partnership.

    Bit2Me invests on establishing a strong presence in Latin America.

    Bit2CEO M’s emphasized that the company has already deployed a team of 70 agents in Brazil, from which it would strive to expand across the entire continent.

    This investment is made possible by the outstanding sales of its B2M cryptocurrency via an ICO, which raised 20 million euros in under two minutes. In an exclusive interview, Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me, stated that “with the funds we have now recollected, we have more than enough” for all of Bit2Me’s future objectives. He confessed that the B2M token has not only given it with stable finances, but has also increased its exposure to the rest of the world:

    The B2M token has not only been ideal for financing our project, but it has also assisted in bringing Bit2Me to new markets, allowing us to expand in a variety of ways.

    The entity with Spanish roots’ ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive package for both private and institutional users:

    We want to complete the circle so that we can provide a full service as a crypto bank. […] In the fiat world, we have new clients that want this bridge; we must offer accounts in euros, thus this digital money license is required.

    ULTCOIN365 just announced that Bit2Me has been recognized by the Bank of Spain as a crypto exchange and custodian, a significant step toward attracting potential institutional investors looking for a safe regulatory network in which to invest. Ferreira is a staunch supporter of Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy, and Bit2Me has a clear goal for him:

    Bitcoin’s ultimate goal is to establish itself as a currency that the general public can use.

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