• B.Duck Joins Web3 Collaboration With GigaSpace Metaverse

  • B.Duck, a well-known character IP, entered Web3 with its first metaverse collaboration with GigaSpace, collaborating with MadWorld to establish a Web3 blueprint for companies and IPs in the metaverse.

    Spaceport Project

    B.Duck, a brand owned by Hong Kong-listed Semk Holdings International Limited (2250 HK), joined the “Project Spaceport” project by purchasing land NFTs in the GigaSpace. It will develop events for its more than 10 million global fans in order to share happiness, positivity, and enjoyment. After being exposed to the digital world by the NFT network MadWorld, B.Duck has already released a 3D NFT collection. NFT owners will soon be able to navigate GigaSpace and spread happiness throughout the virtual environment. Project Spaceport will have a cultural district. When the metaverse is released, businesses will be able to customize their virtual environment. B.Duck has already established its Web3 position on GigaSpace’s “Map of the Galaxy.”

    Establishment of the Museum of Brands

    When the GigaSpace metaverse launches, B.Duck will endeavor to develop the Museum of Brands, a cutting-edge platform for brands to display their goods, ambitions, and mission. Fans can now explore the GigaSpace with a B.Duck avatar thanks to a new feature called branded avatars. Eddie Hui, the developer of B.Duck, claims that

    “We’re motivated by inspiring our fans the love for travel and bringing them joy and positivity. The metaverse is how we will experience Web3, and GigaSpace allows us to create innovative experiences for our fans.”

    Games Organized By B.Duck

    Between September 16 and October 7, ten lucky members of the B.Duck NFT group will receive their GigaSpace virtual land. The worldwide character IP will hold three raffles and five games on the official B.Duck Discord over the next three weeks to thank everyone in the community.

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