• Bagging an NFT will get you a spot in Tomi’s presale! So far, 260+ ETH has been raised, with proceeds used to purchase TOMI and then burned

  • In the blockchain world, non-fungible token technology has numerous potential applications. TOMI is releasing a limited-edition set of NFTs in order to gain access to their main sale. With very few NFTs available for purchase and all proceeds used to purchase Tomi, Tomi holders gain value. Tomi tokens purchased with these funds will be burned to increase scarcity; time is running out!

    The TOMI NFT Sale Has Begun

    Although many non-fungible token projects generate some buzz and excitement, the buzz surrounding TOMI’s NFT collection is out of this world. Not only are crypto enthusiasts becoming more interested, but so are various influencers. Furthermore, these artistic and limited-edition Tomi Heroes NFTs are required to participate in the project’s upcoming presale. To date, the team has raised over 260ETH – or just under $1 million USD – in this sale, confirming the growing demand for these NFTs.

    The first round began on September 7th, and featured the DAWN RISING NFT, which was available for purchase at a price of 0.1271 ETH and quickly sold out. The GLITCH GLOW NFT is being sold for 0.1144 ETH in Round 2, and Round 3 is now underway until September 21st, with NFT tickets selling quickly. To purchase your NFT and reserve your spot, go to https://www.tomitoken.org/tomi-nft.html.

    To generate even more interest in this project, omi will use all proceeds from the NFT sale to purchase TOMI tokens during the public sale. The entire balance will be burned once the purchases are completed and the ETH has been exchanged for TOMI. The team made a wise decision to make the token more scarce, as well as a unique approach to leveraging NFT technology for that purpose.

    In recent months, a number of NFT projects have proven to be successful. CryptoPunks is the most notable example, with an all-time volume of $1.219 billion. Art Blocks isn’t far behind, having sold over $842 million in total. There is no reason to believe the Tomi NFTs will not follow suit, as they are extremely difficult to obtain- the first round sold out, and rounds 2 and 3 are selling quickly, indicating how demand is increasing and time is running out for those who do not yet own an NFT providing access to the TOMI presale.

    Creating a Secondary Market

    After the sales run out, the Tomi Heroes NFTs will be available through OpenSea. However, picking them up may be difficult, as most holders will want to wait for the TOMI presale and the access these tokens provide. Furthermore, establishing a secondary market for the non-fungible tokens is critical, as they are still limited edition collectibles even after the presale concludes.

    According to OpenSea, there are currently over 1,700 NFT holders, with a floor price of 0.1 ETH. More importantly, there has been over 260 Ether traded thus far, reducing the number of available non-fungible tokens for investors to obtain in order to participate in the upcoming TOMI presale rounds.

    TOMI selects Polygon and SushiSwap

    TOMI has chosen to launch its sale on the Polygon network and through SushiSwap due to the high gas fees on the ETH network. This demonstrates TOMI’s commitment to operating on networks that empower and propel the next generation of DeFi projects to the forefront of media attention.

    If you want to participate in the TOMI token sale, make sure to get one of the Tomi Heroes NFTs. Access to one of the five presale rounds – all of which last only 30 minutes – is critical to maximizing return on investment.

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