• Beeple Reveals New Hybrid NFT Artwork at Christie’s – Human One

  • Beeple, a prolific artist, turned the art world on its head earlier this year with the sale of “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS.” Now he’s back with a digital and physical hybrid that’s set to push the boundaries of art once more.

    “Human One” depicts a lone astronaut strolling purposefully through an alien plain. In what is essentially a video sculpture, an image is projected onto the four sides of a box, which slowly revolves as the mysterious subject travels indefinitely.

    The new artwork will be auctioned off at Christie’s on November 9th, with an estimated price of $15 million. While the winning bidder will receive the physical item, it will also include an NFT element. Beeple will continue to evolve the metadata through future updates, resulting in organic artwork that will continue to grow after the sale.

    Because of the piece’s physicality, it is likely to pique the interest of both digital and traditional collectors. And, with the sale taking place alongside traditional artworks, it’s a sign that the industry is evolving as well. Furthermore, beginning October 30, art enthusiasts can marvel at the wonders of this new creation at Christie’s Rockefeller Gallery.

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