• Before the reveal, the Habbo NFT Collection sold out of all 10,000 items

  • Habbo’s new social universe has debuted its first NFT collection as part of a Dutch auction. The project was a success, with all 10.000 avatars sold in record time.

    Habbo’s first NFT sale was a huge success.

    Habbo, one of the most recent virtual social avatar platforms, has already dominated the NFT market. Collectors purchased all 10,000 non-fungible tokens available in a recent Dutch auction.

    As a result, the auction began at 0.5 ETH. However, as many people began trading their NFTs, the floor price quickly rose to 0.6 on OpenSea.

    The Habbo Avatars collection is the platform’s first NFT avatar series. Developers used 284 different traits to create unique combinations for this project.

    If the Habbo NFT avatars appear to be familiar, that’s because they are. Their bright, pixelated design is inspired by Habbo Hotel, a 2001 game that also featured digital avatars.

    The Usefulness of Habbo Avatars

    Although the 10,000 Habbo Avatar NFTs sold out in record time, they are currently useless on the platform. Avatar owners will be automatically enrolled in the upcoming Habbo Club and Builders Club, according to the roadmap. Furthermore, the new avatars will assist users in receiving exclusive items, though developers have not yet provided any details.

    However, the wait will be over soon. To be clear, the roadmap data indicates that the new features will be available by the end of 2021.

    In terms of long-term plans, Habbo intends to use the play-to-earn gaming system. This is a time-consuming goal, as developers point out. Even so, given the NFT collectors’ recent enthusiasm for such games, the effort would almost certainly be worthwhile.

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