• ‘Beyond Earth,’ the first NFT-powered MMORPG game, is ready for release

  • The first NFT-powered MMORPG is about to open its doors to players all over the world. The game, dubbed “Beyond Earth,” combines traditional elements of roleplay and exploration with blockchain technology’s play-to-earn mechanics.

    All of the characters, pets, vehicles, and vessels in the game are one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles that players own completely. Expect more action as a number of influential NFT community members have joined the Beyond Earth universe to provide players with mysterious quest lines and one-of-a-kind locations to visit.

    Beyond Earth takes place in 2035, not long after the nefarious Illuminati took over the world with their New World Order agenda in 2030. Five years later, after an alien invasion, there are barely any humans left, as most have been genetically modified for more than a decade using nanotechnology. The world has reverted to the Wild West, with scarce but coveted resources. There are numerous stories to be told and places to visit.

    The Human Collection, the first NFT drop, will be available on Saturday, October 9th, and will include 8,888 unique characters. Each NFT character will cost 0.08 ETH to create. Humans are genetically enhanced creatures with the ability to magnify their senses using nanotechnology.

    Many locations will open up after the Human Collection NFT drop, revealing a world of LORE, followed by town updates, quest lines, crafting, a Pets Collection drop, a Land sale, marketplace launch, and much more. The demo is already up and running, complete with a demo character for anyone to try out. Here’s a sneak peek at the interior. In the Beyond Earth world, NFT Plazas will have their own newsstand.

    Great Ape Society, The Demon’s Kiss, tropo farmer, Miss NFT, Sir Vincent, Hewer Clan, Art & Coffee, Big Fan, MoonPills, Crypto Chicks, Bad Kids Alley, and Chibi Dinos are some of the most well-known projects and figures in the NFT space.

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