• Big Time Space NFTs demonstrate that mass adoption is on the horizon

  • Big Time Studios has announced the release of Space NFTs. The in-game NFts will allow players to create their own universe within Big Time’s multiverse, the multiplayer action role-playing game (RPG). Anyone interested in obtaining one of these unique NFTs must apply for pre-listing.

    The Big Time game is one-of-a-kind, and an all-star team works around the clock to make it a success. Some members of the team have previously worked for major corporations such as EA, Riot, Epic Games, and Blizzard. Big Time is not a one-hit wonder, and it has some serious backing. Big Time Space NFts is hoping to further solidify their market position.

    The company’s website states that it aspires to be the “next-generation, multiplayer AAA entertainment where players control their virtual assets.”

    Because of the popularity of the game and the triple-A team, mass adoption has never been closer. The game is a devoted cooperative RPG. Players band together to travel through space and time. During this adventure, they discover threats to their very existence.

    Time Machines are given to players in Big Time. Similar to the Dr Who Tardis, these machines serve as inventories, allowing users to see their achievements and any loot they have collected along the way. These virtual spaces will be extended by the new Big Time Space NFTs.

    Big Time Space NFTs will also include a variety of add-ons. In addition to extending the time machine, these add-ons can provide a player with extra luck, increasing their chances of discovering rare loot.

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