• Billboard and Universal Collaborate on the ChartStars NFT Collection

  • Billboard has collaborated with fellow music industry influencers Universal Music Group (UMG) to launch the ‘ChartStars’ NFT collection. The collection will be housed on the Flow blockchain and curated in collaboration with NFT platform Unblocked.

    Each ChartStars NFT will be themed after a specific artist’s achievement in the Billboard Charts and will include art and licensed video clips. They will also have gamified aspects, such as leaderboards that show who the top collectors are, and exclusive privileges such as entrance to live Billboard events that can be won through various tasks.

    The newly formed alliance has yet to set a particular date for the collection’s publication, although May 2022 is widely rumored to be the month. To expand the collection’s reach to UMG and Billboard’s crypto-unacquainted audiences, the collection is also likely to support credit card sales.

    “By harnessing its renowned charts for these fascinating digital collectibles, Billboard is creating a ground-breaking new approach for artists and fans to celebrate unique milestones and cultural moments,” said Michael Nash, UMG’s senior Vice President of digital strategy.

    The collaboration comes on the heels of each brand making further strides in the NFT industry, with Billboard recently collaborating with World of Women to develop a three-piece, A-list-infused magazine cover NFT line, and UMG collaborating with NFT platform Snowcrash.

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