• Binance is giving away $50,000 in Dogecoin and a Tesla

  • Binance recently announced that it had reopened Dogecoin withdrawals after previously restricting them due to an issue with Doge’s latest update. Users who had been unable to withdraw their Dogecoin from the platform were relieved by the reinstatement. Following this, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced a community giveaway.

    How to Take Part

    According to what the CEO posted, the sign-up process for participating in the giveaway was fairly simple. To be eligible, Zhao stated on Twitter that all users must do is retweet the announcement tweet, follow his account, Elon Musk’s account, and the official Binance Twitter account. Finally, using the specified hashtags, users must tweet the prize they want and why they deserve it.

    The CEO announced that users could win $50,000 in Dogecoin or a brand-new Tesla. Each of these prizes would be awarded to lucky winners who were chosen based on their tweets with the hashtag. The tweet included a 13-second video demonstrating the prizes up for grabs in the contest.

    The contest began on September 29th and will continue until December 13th, when the winners of both categories will be chosen and awarded their prizes. The winner of the car will receive a Tesla Model 3, with the option of receiving the car’s BNB value equivalent.

    Tweets vying for the top spot in the contest have already begun to circulate on the platform. The hashtags have been used by Twitter users to reveal what they would do if they won the prizes. This includes holding, purchasing real estate, and paying for school, among other things. Users can only enter the contest once.

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