• Binance moves 36,306 BTC worth a whopping $2,214,339,246, but charges only $3.47 in transaction fees

  • Binance, a global crypto exchange, has just moved a ten-figure sum of Bitcoin between wallets as BTC clings to the $60,000 mark.

    BitInfoCharts, a cryptocurrency data tracker, discovered a massive transaction worth 36,306 BTC – more than $2.21 billion at the time of writing.

    On October 23rd, at 4:41 AM GMT+8, the transaction was broadcast to the Bitcoin network for the first time. The cryptocurrency was sent as part of a batch that also included a request to send 35,236 BTC ($2.15 billion) and 1,069 BTC ($65 million), as well as two other transactions involving less than one BTC.

    Less than nine minutes later, at 4:49 AM GMT+8, one wallet received 20,000 BTC, worth more than $1.2 billion. Another wallet amassed 16,306 BTC ($993.39 million) around the same time.

    Prior to the transaction, the Binance wallet that sent the 35,236 BTC was the 24th richest Bitcoin wallet in existence.

    Binance paid a total of 0.00005694 BTC in fees, which amounted to $3.47.

    Large batches of digital assets are occasionally moved around by cryptocurrency exchanges for security reasons.

    BitInfoCharts identified all of the sending and receiving wallets as the exchange’s cold wallets. Cold wallets are physical hardware wallets that allow you to keep your digital assets completely offline. They are generally thought to be more secure than hot wallets, which are software-based and internet-connected.

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