• Bit2Me, the largest Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, goes global with an airdrop

  • The Bit2Me Airdrop is already underway, with 8,000,000 B2M coins being distributed to participants via Coinmarketcap. The airdrop will take place between February 9th and March 2nd, 2022.

    The B2M airdrop is the most anticipated in Spain, with over 50,000 Holders already in its first five months on the market.

    The first recognized Spanish cryptocurrency exchange

    Yesterday, February 16th, Bit2me became the world’s first exchange recognized by The Bank of Spain. They are the market leader in the Spanish-speaking market as the first crypto suite. Following a $23.7 million USD ICO, the firm is already a household name in Spanish-speaking countries. These were sold out in three rounds in under two minutes and 24 seconds.

    Selected Winners vs. Guaranteed Winners
    • All contestants who have 8,888 B2M in their Metamask before March 2, 2022, are guaranteed to win.
    • Diamond and Silver winners are open to all competitors who have at least one B2M by March 2, 2022.
    • Holders from any of the following networks are eligible: BSC, Polygon (Matic), and Ethereum
    • Participants possessing at least 1 B2M in their Metamask on or before March 2, 2022, are eligible for future airdrops.
    Take part in Coinmarketcap.

    All B2M holders are eligible to participate in the airdrop and win B2M rewards. Anyone interested in the airdrop may participate by following the easy instructions outlined on Coinmarketcap (also in this video). Extra requirements can boost, if not guarantee, a participant’s chances of winning.

    8,000,000 B2M prizes

    The airdrop gifts are divided into four tiers: Golden 8, Diamond, Silver, and Bronze. Every Coinmarketcap user who takes part in the Airdrop and fulfills all of the requirements will be eligible for the Bronze award. The other categories, however, are reserved for B2M token holders and may be found in this Bit2Me Medium blog.

    No claim is required.

    Winners and qualifying players will receive their rewards via the Polygon (Matic) network, with no need for them to claim them. The only thing winners need to do is add the custom Polygon Network RPC and the custom B2M token to their wallet. The above Medium article has instructional videos for everything related to the airdrop.

    The B2M token will be available to all winners’ addresses by March 2nd. Winners will be announced within three days of the end of the Airdrop participation period. Official social media outlets, such as Telegram, will be used to make the announcement.

    B2M received a large response.

    The B2M airdrop drew a massive response from the community, with 2.2 million people signing up in the first seven days. Bit2Me indicated that anyone interested in future airdrops only needs to add at least one B2M to their wallet. B2M is currently available on Ethereum, Polygon, (Matic), and BSC Networks via the Uniswap, Quickswap, and PancakeSwap exchange platforms.

    Supporters and Collaborations

    Huobi Ventures, ICON Foundation, TKX Capital, and Valhalla Capital have invested in Bit2Me, which has founders, executives, and former executives from Coinbase, Polygon, Amazon, Chainlink, Nexo, Kraken, IBM, Mastercard, and other companies. Bit2me has also formed alliances with Asian cryptocurrency funds and organizations like as DFG, GSR, NEXO, Mastercard, OVR, 100 Montaditos, GoStudent, CoinPayments, Polygon, and others.

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