• Bitcoin has reached $49,500 as cryptocurrency markets recover $100 billion (Weekend Watch)

  • Following a few days of price dips, bitcoin has risen to roughly $49,000. Most alternative coins have also fared well in the aftermath of the recent slumps, with substantial gains currently. ADA is the market leader, up 10% to more over $2.8.

    Bitcoin has reached $49,000.

    As we previously mentioned, the major cryptocurrency has had a rough few days. It had failed to stay above $50,000 after breaching that level for the first time since mid-May, and the bears had taken control of the market.

    They pushed the asset south, and BTC’s value began to fall. As a result, on Thursday and Friday, the price fell to roughly $46,300.

    However, following the daily low yesterday, the situation rapidly turned, and bitcoin began to recoup some ground. It recaptured $47,000, then $48,000, and only a few hours ago surpassed $49,000.

    It has since retraced slightly and is now just below that level, but its market capitalization is still well above $900 billion.

    Green is the only color that altcoins see.

    As expected, as BTC went south, so did the alternative currency. Ethereum fell from $3,360 to under $3,100. Despite the latest blockchain bug, it has recovered more than $150 in value as of now.

    Cardano has once again stolen the show, with a near 10% increase on a 24-hour timeframe. As a result, ADA has surged above $2.8 after falling below $2.6 just a few days ago.

    Binance Coin (2.5 percent) is nearing $490, Polkadot (4.5 percent) is approaching $26, Uniswap (5 percent) is above $27, and Bitcoin Cash (3.5 percent) is nearing $630.

    Even more spectacular improvements may be seen in Ripple (6%), Dogecoin (6%), LUNA (6%), and Solana (6%). (8 percent ). Surprisingly, SOL has reached yet another all-time high, this time just shy of $90.

    CELO has outperformed all other top 100 coins in the last 24 hours. It has increased by more than 50% to near $5. Arweave follows with a stunning 30 percent increase to $37.

    ICP (18%), Helium (16%), Tezos (13%), Kusama (12%), and Bitcoin Gold (12%) are the next most popular cryptocurrencies.

    Finally, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrency assets has recovered $100 billion in a single day to $2.1 trillion.

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