• Bitcoin of America, a popular BTM operator, has added Dogecoin to their Bitcoin ATMs

  • Bitcoin of America is a prominent virtual currency exchange that is registered with the US Department of Treasury (FinCEN) as a money services business (RegNum).They are well-known for their client service, in addition to assuring a quick and painless transaction. Bitcoin of America has announced the addition of a new Bitcoin ATM machine to its lineup (BTMs). Dogecoin may now be purchased at Bitcoin of America ATMs.

    In October of last year, Bitcoin of America introduced Ethereum to its platform. They realized Dogecoin’s increasing popularity and felt it was time to add it in their BTMs. Bitcoin of America now has over 1800 BTMs spread across 31 states. Bitcoin of America also accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin at their BTM stores and online. To locate a BTM, go to their website and enter your address to locate one near you.

    Over the last year, Bitcoin of America has made significant modifications to their equipment and services. Bitcoin of America revealed their new Universal Kiosk in May of last year. The new universal kiosk serves three major functions and combines the capabilities of a standard ATM with those of a Bitcoin ATM. The first is the standard ATM feature, which allows users to withdraw cash using their debit cards. The ability to buy cryptocurrencies with cash is the second feature. The final option is for customers to sell cryptocurrency for cash.

    Bitcoin of America also has a host program for business owners who are interested in cryptocurrencies or simply want to make some additional money. Bitcoin of America provides passive income, increased foot traffic, and marketing to their host locations. Customer service and maintenance/installation services are also handled by them.

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