• Bitcoin would be among the top 25 global companies in terms of capitalization, having surpassed Samsung and Intel

  • Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, is now ranked among the top global companies in terms of market capitalization, alongside Amazon, Apple, JP Morgan, Walmart Inc, Visa, Bank of America, and many others.

    Bitcoin is ranked 24th among global companies.

    According to a DataLight report, the data gathered on July 10, 2019, shows that Bitcoin is one of the global shares in terms of market capitalization. As a result, Bitcoin surpassed Samsung Electronics, Intel, The Coca-Cola Company, and other companies with a market cap of more than $229 billion. According to an infographic and a tweet by the crypto data analytics platform;

    According to the data, the top five countries are Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Tencent Holdings, with market caps of $1045 billion, $973 billion, $946 billion, $482 billion, and $434 billion, respectively.

    According to the data, the list’s major companies are the oldest, despite the fact that Bitcoin is only a 10-year-old currency that has recently emerged in the market. It’s worth noting that Bitcoin reached its peak in a short period of time despite the absence of a CEO, a team, or a specific headquarters/company.

    Despite the innovation that Bitcoin is bringing to the financial industry, it has been met with a number of criticisms from industry leaders, politicians, and economists. As a result, the US President strongly opposes bitcoin, stating that “he isn’t a fan of Bitcoin.”

    Interestingly, Datalight believes that if Bitcoin were treated as a share and traded on the stock market, it would rank even higher. This information is based on Bitcoin’s peak trading volume of this year, which was $229 billion on July 10, 2019.

    Bitcoin still exists, despite the criticism and debate. On the same day in 2018, Bitcoin was trading at $8000, and it is currently trading at $9505 against the US dollar. However, it was much higher in late June and early July, when it was quietly trading at $13000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has lost 0.29 percent of its value in the previous 24 hours, with a trading volume of $169,636,990,443.

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